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Tasmanian Tour

Cradle Mountain seen from the Lake St Clair Park entrance.

About This Page

This article describes a ten day tour around Tasmania, with interesting and unusual places to visit.

A. General Information about Tasmania.

Tasmania is best enjoyed outside school holidays in the warm months. I have visited in mid winter (July/August) with little discomfort, except that the nights are cool, even in mid summer. The tour presented here begins at the ferry terminal upon arrival at Devonport, describing points of interest that generally lie outside the usual tourist experience.

I have now visited Tasmania seven times, initially travelling by aircraft - remember East-West Airlines? This has meant either public transport or hitch hiking; with passenger trains no longer running makes hiring a car now an added expense. The overnight Princess of Tasmania ferry is now the way to go, although it takes a while to get to sleep with the movement of the boat. The Federal Government reimburses the ship to maintain reduced car transport costs.

Hiring a VW Beetle from 'Rent a Bug' at Hobart or Devonport for $25 per day including insurance is the cheapest travel solution. Note that most rural Tasmanian petrol outlets close at 5pm. Fuel is about 2c to 6c per litre dearer than in Sydney, and some dirt country roads can have 130km between fuel stops.

The roads are Generally excellent, but the southwest and northeast corners are usually wet. I would advise to be well aware of roads signs that indicate slippery conditions or ice. If you are going to explore the dirt roads of the west coast, take a compass, a map and a torch as the intersections may not be lit or even signposted. Be aware of protected wildlife, such as the Tasmanian Devils, on the roads at dusk.

You can stay in a pub or backpacker motel for about $80 a night for a single room. Motels vary in price and quality, but I would expect to pay no more than $120 a night bed and breakfast for a room. Use your mobile phone to book ahead the motels. The bigger pubs that you find in the middle of nowhere (eg Derwent Bridge near Lake St Clair) are usually excellent and have good meals.

Always take plenty of fruit and drinks in the car and on journeys. I relied on cartons of fruit juice and flavoured milk, fresh dates, apples and oranges to relieve mid trip munchies. If you intend fishing be sure to obtain a fishing license. Take warm clothing as the weather is changeable, and a good pair of boots if you intend hiking.

Be sure to obtain the Tasmanian Tourist Pack, from your capital city Tasmanian Tourist Bureau. It contains invaluable information on car hire and accommodation. Surprisingly, my Tom Tom navigator was accurate, even on the furthest corners of the West Coast. Discovertasmania - The official Tasmanian government tourism website. Well worth a look.

All photographs by Bob Worthington.

B. Map of Tasmania.

A Map of Tasmania including the Major Roads.

C. Tour Guide.

To proceed, click on the image or on the underlined title in the region. The complete trip begins from the North West region upon arrival at Devonport ferry terminal on the overnight Princess of Tasmania from Melbourne.

North West Region
From Devonport to Marrawah then South to Savage River.

North Coast & Day Trip
To the North Coast and a day trip from Devonport to Paradise.

North East Region
Northeast from Launceston then down the East Coast.

West Coast Region
The West Coast Region then North to Rosebery and Tullah.

Central North Region
East from Savage River to Deloraine and Launceston.

East Coast Region
St Helens and South down the East Coast to Port Arthur.

South West Region
West to Lake Pedder and North to the Central Highlands.

Central Highlands
West to Campbell Town, the Central Plateau to Queenstown.

South East & Hobart
South down the East Coast and Day Trips south from Hobart.