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1. German Steam Main
2. German Steam Branch
3. German Elect Old
4. German Elect New
5. German Diesels
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Railways of Europe

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Information about the locomotives of Europe: Pictures and specifications for locomotives of the German, Swiss and Scandinavian railways. There are links to a German railways timeline, epoch/era definitions, German train formations plus locomotive and rolling stock numbering. Details are given for railway system names and a biography of Robert Garbe.

Norwegian class Di4 diesel and train about to depart the northern port terminus of BodŘ

A. Locomotives of Northern Europe

1. German
01 (4-6-2)
01.10 (4-6-2)
03 (4-6-2)
03.10 (4-6-2)

19.1 (2-8-2)
44 (2-10-0)
85 (2-10-2 T)
45 (2-10-0)
50 (2-10-0)
52 (2-10-0)

2. German
23 (2-6-2)
24 (2-6-0)
38 (4-6-0)
78 (4-6-4 T)
64 (2-6-2 T)
65 (2-8-4 T)
74 (2-6-0 T)
86 (2-8-2 T)
80 (0-6-0 T)
81 (0-8-0 T)
89 (0-6-0 T)

3. German
Old Series
104 (1'C1')
116 (1'D1')
117 (1'D1')
118 (1'D1')
119 (1'D1')
132 (1'C1')
136 (2'C1')
144 (Bo'Bo')
152 (2'B+B2')
160 (1'C)

163 (C)
169 (B)
175 (1'B+B1')
191 (C'C')
194 (C'C')

4. German
New Series
103 (Co'Co')
110 (Bo'Bo')
111 (Bo'Bo')
112 (Bo'Bo')
120 (Bo'Bo')
140 (Bo'Bo')
141 (Bo'Bo')
150 (Co'Co')
151 (Co'Co')
181 (Bo'Bo')

5. German
V16/140 (1'C1')
V60/260/360 (C)
V100/212 (Bo'Bo')
V160/216 (Bo'Bo')
V200/220 (Bo'Bo')

6. Swiss
Re4/4-I Re410 (Bo'Bo')
Re4/4-II Re420 (Bo'Bo')
Re4/4-III Re430 (Bo'Bo')
Re4/4-IV Re440/6 (Bo'Bo')
Re460 Re465 (Bo'Bo')
Re482 Re485 (Bo'Bo')

7. Swedish
Da (1'C1')
Dm3 (1'D+D+D1')

8. Norwegian
Old Series
EL1 (B'B')
EL2 (1'B+B1')
EL3 (1'C+C1')
EL4 (1'C+C1')
EL5 (B'B')
EL6 (B)
EL7 (Bo'Bo')
EL8 (1'Do1')
EL9 (Bo'Bo')

9. Norwegian
New Series
EL10 (C)
EL11 (Bo'Bo')
EL12 (1'D+D1'
EL13 (Bo'Bo')
EL14 (Co'Co')
EL15 (Co'Co')
EL16 (Bo'Bo')
EL17 (Bo'Bo'
EL18 (Bo'Bo')

10. Norwegian
Di1 (Co'Co')
Di2 (C)
Di3 (Co'Co')
Di4 (Co'Co')
Di5 (C)
Di6 (Co'Co')
Di7 (Bo'Bo')
Di8 (Bo'Bo')
DH500 (C)

11. Finnish
Sr1 (Bo'Bo')
Sr2 (Bo'Bo')
Dr12 (Co'Co')
Dr13 (Co'Co')
Dr15 (Co'Co')
Dr16 (Bo'Bo')
Dr14 (Bo'Bo')
Dv11 (D)
Dv12 (Bo'Bo')
Dv16 (D)

B. Railway Links on the Internet

World Rail World Rail Fans 'The place for like minded people to discuss "just about anything" railway'
Bahnbilder Large photo gallery of trains in most world countries. German
123world Links to the official railway web sites. German
Railpictures.net American photo gallery site with railway pictures from almost any country
Funet Railway Archive World Rail Enthusiasts site for info on various railways of the world
European Rail Helmut Kern European / mainly German train specs, photo gallery plus matching models
Railfan Europe.net European Rail Enthusiasts site for info on European Railways. English
Train Net European Train Forum with picture gallery of specific trains. English
Lokomotiv Kosenamen Encyclopaedia of named European locos. German
Johan's Zwitserleven gevoel Dutch personal web site devoted to Swiss Railways. Dutch
Jan Nillson Rail Pictures Swedish web site with photos of Swedish, Swiss and European trains
German Rail Lokodex German locos. Click on "Vorbild" then "Lokomotive". German
Alfons Schuerhaus German Steam Locos. Click on "Baureihen 01 - 99" for details. German
Wagner Point German trains, models. Click on "grossbetrieb" or "modellbahn". German
DBtrains History and specifications of German trains. Click on "English" to proceed
Bahnstatistik German photo gallery. Click on "Sitemap", "Galerien" for pictures. German
dLok German train encyclopaedia. Discover how the steam loco works. English
Eisenbahnbilder German photo gallery. Very easy to navigate. German
Bildschirmschoner Galerien German photo gallery. Download bitmap images and descriptions of locos
Mittenwaldbahn German Railcar site. German
German Railway Timeline Link to German railways timeline and Epoch/Era information
German Train Formations Link to German train formations
Locomotive Numbering Link to Locomotive and rolling stock numbering (click 'OTHER' link)
Scandinav Rail Scandinavian Rail Society Scandanavian enthusiasts web site based in England
Jernbane Net Click "Norske Tog" Norway, "Tog i utlandtet" for Scandinavian. Norwegian
Arctic Trains Kiruna-Narvik Iron Ore Line. Excellent quality pictures. English
Lokstallet Swedish picture gallery of 'Roundhouse' group. English & Swedish
Jarnvag.net Lokguide Swedish photo gallery sorted by motive power then type number. Swedish
Seisake.net-Kuvat Finnish. Details and specs of Finnish Locos and rolling stock. Finnish
Railway Page for Finland Finnish Railways web site. Modern Finnish rolling stock. Finnish
Kuvasivu Finnish picture gallery of Finnish rolling stock. Finnish
Danish Railway Archive Danish enthusiasts homepage for Danish & Norwegian trains. English
English Rail Steam Museum UK Pendon Rail Museum. Detailed modelling of a typical English rural scene
UK Steam Info Preserved Steam in the United Kingdom enthusiasts site
Great Western Archive Great Western Railway Society enthusiasts site
South Devon Railway Trust The Ashburton line in preservation from Totnes to Buckfastleigh.

C. European Railway Systems

Country System Name Translation
Austria ÖBB Österreichische Bundes Bahn Austrian Federal Railways
Belgium NMBS National Maatschabbij van de Belgishe Sboorwegen Belgian State Railways (in Dutch)
Belgium SNCB Societe Nationale Chemin der Fer Belges Belgian State Railways (in French)
Denmark DSB Danske Statsbaner Danish State Railways
Finland VR Valtion Rautatiet State Railways
France SNCF Societe Nationale des Chemin der fer Francais French State Railways
Germany DRG (1929-45) Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft German State Railway Combany
Germany-West DB (1945-94) Deutsche Bundesbahn German Federal Railway
Germany-East DR (1945-94) Deutsche Reichsbahn German State Railway
Germany-Reun DB AG (1994-) Deutsche Bahn AG German Rail Pty Ltd
Bavaria K.Bay.Sts.B Koniglich Bayerisch Staatsbahn Royal Bavarian State Railway
Prussia KPEV Koniglich Preussiche Eisenbahn Verwaltung Royal Prussian State Railway Administration
Wurttemburg K.W.St.E Koniglich Wurttemburgische Staatseisenbahnen Royal Wurttemburg State Railways
Holland NS Nederlandse Sboorwegen Dutch State Railways
Italy FS Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Italian State Railways
Luxembourg CFL Societe Nationale des Chemin der fer Luxembourgeois Luxembourg State Railways
Norway NSB Norges Statsbaner Norwegian State Railways
Sweden SJ Statens Jarnvagar Swedish State Railways
Switzerland SBB Schweizerische Bundesbahn Swiss Federal Railways (in German)
Switzerland CFF Chemins der fer Federaux Suisses Swiss Federal Railways (in French)
Switzerland FFS Ferrovie Federali Svizzere Swiss Federal Railways (in Italian)
Switzerland BLS Bern-Loetschberg-Simblon Bahn Bern Loetschberg Simblon Railway
Switzerland SOB Sudostbahn South Eastern Railway
Soviet Union SZD Sovjetskije Zeleznyje Dorogi Soviet Railways

D. Robert Garbe Biography

Name: Dr. Eng. Robert Hermann Garbe

Born: 9th January 1847 in Oppeln, Upper Schlesien

Died: 23rd May 1932 in Berlin, Germany

Starting from 1895 he was the Departmental Head / Locomotive Procurator for the Royal Prussian Railway Management in Berlin and became particularly known by his proven locomotive designs for the Prussian State Railways.

His most famous achievement was the Prussian P8 locomotive, later known as the German Railways 38 class. It was considered a universal, reliable "Maid Of All Work". War repatriation led to them being used on many railways across Europe.

The Early Days

Robert Garbe was born the eldest son of Master Fitter Ferdinand Garbe in the Upper Schlesien capital of Oppeln, now in south west Poland. There he went to the local elementary school until forced out by family economic circumstances. After an apprenticeship as a fitter in his fathers locksmith workshop, the desire for further training led to the Breslau Technical School. Whilst there he also worked in the main workshop of the Upper Schlesien railway and took supervisor examinations in the spring of 1867. He was referred to the Provincial Vocational School in Brieg where he gained honours in the final examination. In 1869 he left with a state scholarship for the Royal Prussian Trade Academy in Berlin (later Berlin Charlottenburg Technical University and today's Technical University of Berlin). Study finished in 1872 with honours in all subjects.

Prussian Railway Management

In 1872 he was preferentially transferred to the mechanical engineering office of the Upper Schlesien Railway, and one year later became the workshop chief of the Lower Schlesien Marki Railway in Frankfurt. In 1877 the Ministry of Public Works transferred the main workshop to Berlin Rummelsburg. Due to his outstanding achievements, Garbe was relieved from the obligation of sitting the second state examination in 1879 to be immediately appointed as the Royal Prussian Railway Machine Master, and in 1882 as the Royal Prussian Railway Machine Supervisor.

In 1895, with 18 years of working in the executive committee, Garbe had simultaneous appointments as a member of the Prussian Railway Management in Berlin and as the Departmental Head for Designs and Procurement of locomotives. He also had the presidency of the locomotive committee in 1901, to direct the Ministry of Public Works as to locomotive procurement. Garbe took over the design of superheated steam locomotives and their tenders at the The Prussian Railway Central Office, which was re-created in 1907 in Berlin.

Work on Developments

The locomotives developed along the guidelines of Garbe were characterised by good performance from simple building methods. Maximum efficiency was not consciously aimed for, with Garbe giving priority to reliability and easy maintenance. By 1893 Garbe was also aware of the work done on superheaters by William Schmidt from Kassel, and appreciated that the application of superheated steam would increase the power output of a steam locomotive. According to this concept Garbe developed 13 high pressure steam locomotive types for all usages. Until his retirement in 1912 at age 65, Garbe was still designing and building ground breaking locomotives for the Prussian State Railways.

The Prussian P8 Locomotive, later the German 38 class

His designs continued to be used long after his retirement. To a considerable degree the Prussian P8 symbolises the construction principles of Garbe. It was built to 3948 examples (including reproductions in Romania) and was still used on German tracks right up to the end of the steam era in 1972-74. Garbe was acknowledged by the Berlin Charlottenburg Technical University for earnings derived from his post government work on the development of the superheated steam locomotive - from this he was awarded an honourary Doctor Engineer degree.


Robert Garbe: "The Steam Engines of the Present" (1907) reprinted 1980 Moers.
Robert Garbe: "The Superheated Steam Locomotive Up-To-Date" (1924) reprinted 1981 Moers.
Translated and cleaned up from the original German at http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Garbe