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Tasmanian Tour


A. General Info
B. State Map
C. Tour Guide


1. North West
2. Central North
3. North East
4. East Coast
5. South East
6. South West
7. Highlands
8. West Coast
9. North Coast

Knapsack Viaduct


A. About Whitton
B. Constructions
C. Getting There
D. Knapsack Park
E. Knapsack Viaduct
F. Knapsack Quarry
G. Mitchells Pass

Rail Europe


A. Locomotives
B. Internet Links
C. Rail Systems
D. Robert Garbe Bio


1. German Steam Main
2. German Steam Branch
3. German Elec Old
4. German Elec New
5. German Diesels
6. Swiss Locos
7. Swedish Locos
8. Norwegian Elec Old
9. Norwegian Elec New
10. Norwegian Diesels
11. Finnish Locos

Rail Tasmania

Rail Systems

1. Government Rails
2. Mt Lyell Railway
3. Emu Bay Railway
4. Tourist Rails

Rail Models


Information Page
A. Internet Links
B. Marklin Models
C. Buying Overseas

Project Pages

Projects Page
1. Marklin Decoder
2. Electronic Reverser
3. AC Conversion
4. Finnish Sr2
5. DC Controller
6. Kadee Couplers


Computer Systems

1. Linux System
2. Unix System
3. Microcomputers
4. RetroBSD Unix

High Fidelity


A. Projects
B. Links
C. Design
D. Systems
E. Next Steps

Project Pages

1. Magnavox 8-30
2. Sentinel Speaker
3. Oscar Speaker
4. Bedroom Bookshelf
5. Centre Crossover
6. HP Stand Mount
7. Lewis Stand Mount
8. Workshop Bookshelf
9. Close Tower
10. System 3010
11. Jaycar Stand Mount
20. Low Power Amplifier

My Shed


A. About
B. Projects
D. Links

Project Pages

1. Hand Plane Restoration

CitroŽn Cars


A. Internet Links
B. CitroŽn D Series
C. CitroŽn ID-19 Specs
D. CitroŽn Car Club NSW
E. My CitroŽn ID-19
F. My CitroŽn Xantia
F. My CitroŽn C5



A. Worthington
B. Armorial
C. Townships
D. Family Tree
E. Further Reading


Practical Recipes

A. Delicious Pizza
B. Spaghetti & Mince
C. Pork Curry
D. Chinese Stir Fry
E. Hearty Soup
F. Caesar Salad
G. Greek Salad


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About this Website

An Australian resource for Marklin Models, European Railways, Tasmanian Railways, Touring Tasmania, Computers, High Fidelity, Citroen Cars, Genealogy and Recipes.

Panorama of Coles Bay, Freycinet National Park, East Coast of Tasmania

This site was transferred to it's new home at Netspace on 10th July 2010. It was last updated 6th August 2012, with modification to the page styles. Pages have been optimised for viewing at 1024*768 pixels screen resolution, with the font set to 'Arial' 14 point. The website was originally written in Dreamweaver 8, which resulted in excessive code generation. Upon switching to Ubuntu Linux, I have learnt to manually code using the Bluefish Editor. The modern appearance pages are the result of this. I hope you enjoy the web site. Feel free to send feedback, particularly from the 'Tasmania' and 'Genealogy' pages. You can contact me by using the email address below in any email program. The graphic is to ensure scanners do not harvest my email to create spam.

Tasmanian Tour
Described here is a ten day tour across Tasmania with out of the way locations and experiences, resulting from a collation of my travels. Tasmania is best enjoyed during summer, outside school holidays. An affordable holiday solution is to rent a small car for a week and stay in a pub or cottage overnights. Why not go?

Knapsack Viaduct Trip
An interesting 3 hour return walk from Knapsack Park to Knapsack Street along an old railway line to view the historic Knapsack Viaduct near Lapstone, just across the Hawkesbury River from Penrith in Western Sydney, NSW. Recommended for this walk would be good hiking boots, water and film/fresh batteries for your camera.

Rail Europe
Pictures and specifications for locomotives of the German, Swiss and Scandinavian railways. There are links to a German railways timeline, epoch/era definitions, German train formations plus locomotive and rolling stock numbering. Details are given for railway system names and a biography of Robert Garbe.

Rail Tasmania
Tasmania's 3'6"(1067mm) narrow gauge rail network only has a few hundred kilometres separating the ends of the network. The operations are moderately scaled with a huge variation within a small distance. See the breath-taking scenery of the Emu Bay Railway in the west; ride the north coast track within metres of the sea.

Rail Models
Information and projects for three model railway systems: European HO - Mšrklin HO using 3 rail track and AC motors, Australian HO - New South Wales steam locomotives and diesels, English OO - Great Western Railway steam locomotives and diesels.

Linux is a free multitasking Computer Operating System for use on Desktop and Server PC's. Ubuntu is a distro of Linux renowned for new technology and ease of use. Unix is the progenitor of Linux and Mac OS-X. RetroBSD v2.11 is a small text only Unix Operating System working on a Maximate microcomputer.

High Fidelity
Surprisingly few 'High Fidelity' loudspeakers meet the criterion of having their drivers used within bandwidth limits determined by the cone breakup and resonant frequencies. Included are some better design concepts, plus plans for several speakers and an amplifier.

My Shed
Every red blooded male needs a shed, where magic is created, metal is punished and sawdust fills every niche. My shed is the place where all my creations are hatched and is a respite from the noise of the world.

Citroen Cars
I have been interested in Citroens since the mid 60's. That my Tasmanian uncle drove a 1963 ID-19 to survey the Murchison Highway and ownership of a model DS-19 piqued my interest. After waiting a quarter of a century, I finally bought a 1959 ID-19 sedan. My previous daily use car was a 1995 Citroen Xantia.

I was suprised at the diversity of my ancestors. 'Worthington' is Saxon, derived from 'Vertingaes tun', with 'tun' meaning a farm enclosure. On my mothers side 'Wilson' means 'son of Wil', Norwegian Vikings from the Orkney Islands. There are also English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Heugenot French and other ancestors.

Food & Recipes
Some interesting tried and successful recipes from the Worthington kitchen. Try some of the following recipes: Greek Salad, Delicious Pizza, Spaghetti & Mince, Pork Curry, Chines Stir Fry and a delicious Hearty Soup.