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Worthingtons Workshop

High Fidelity

Workshop Bookshelf Loudspeaker for listening in the workshop

Description of this page

The Workshop Loudspeaker is a compact two way acoustic suspension bookshelf mounted loudspeaker, built from a set of cheap Jaycar bass drivers and a leftover pair of Sony Tweeters. This speaker is the mainstay for my background music whilst pottering around in the backyard workshop. The acoustic performance is more than adequate for fatigue free listening to FM radio.

Speaker with Grille

Speaker Rear Panel

A. Designing and Building the Speaker

The Workshop loudspeaker system was built to provide a reasonable background music source whilst I worked in the backyard workshop. This meant the design required a small footprint to fit on an elevated shelf with the other speakers undergoing testing whilst still being able to withstand A/B testing with other designs. The design is a small acoustic suspension sytems using a cheap Jaycar 5" Woofer/Midrange and a pair of Sony cone Tweeters extracted from a sad sounding stereo I dismantled.

Both drivers had the cones doped with PVA to prevent cone breakup, with the 2nd order Linkwitz Crossover contributing to the clean sound. I am not concerned about the two sections having different impedences, as any decent modern amp should have no problem handling this; the Workshop amplifier is a 30 year old Sansui AU-217. Crossover assembly was on a Jaycar CX-2605 Crossover PCB, using Jaycar off the shelf inductors and polypropylene capacitors. I stained the cabinet to great effect and used a decent set of speaker connector terminals on the rear panel.

B. Listening to the Speaker

Originally the sound was a bit harsh until I doped the drivers. After this the speaker came alive, and is surprisingly good for a system with a cone tweeter. The bass response does not seem lacking and the speaker has an overall balanced sound which has provided many hours of fatigue free listening.

Speaker Baffle

Speaker Drivers

C. Specifications of the Speaker

Specifications : Two Way Acoustic Suspension Bookshelf
Dimensions : 155mm(w) * 155mm(d) * 270mm(h)
Enclosure Volume : 3.8 litres lined
Frequency Response : 120hz-16khz @ -3dB
Efficiency : 88dB SPL @ 1W @ 1 metre
Impedence : 4.0 ohms typical
Power Handling : 10W rms
Crossover : 3,500Hz 2nd Order Linkwitz Network
Impedence Correction : Woofer and Tweeter Voice Coil Inductance
Bass Driver : Response AS-30210 125mm Paper Cone Mid/Bass
Tweeter Driver : Sony 329-11 50mm Cone Tweeter

D. The Crossover Network

Circuit for the Crossover Network